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Policies and F.A.Q.

Please read all the terms and conditions below before signing up for a group class, private lesson or event.

There is also F.A.Q. on other topics that you might need help with.

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  • Vaccination Requirements
    Puppies under 4 months old: Distemper/parvo (DHPP) (first round) Negative fecal exam Puppies and dogs over 4 months old: Distemper/parvo (DHPP) Rabies We accept titer testing. We recommend Bordetella as you will be in group settings with other dogs, but understand it is not required of the dogs in class. We are not liable for any dogs who are unvaccinated and become sick for specific diseases.
  • Positive Reinforcement Training Philosophy
    At Beyond Elevation, we believe in cultivating positive, life-long friendships with dogs using motivational, reward-based training. We believe in using scientific learning principles that promote happy humans and happy, healthy dogs. We believe that by building a relationship founded on trust and friendship, dogs and their humans can have better experiences together. We do not advocate or advise the use of physical force or pain as a teaching method or as punishment for unwanted behavior. This training approach has been discarded by most of the training industry as unscientific and unnecessary. We believe that positive reinforcement is the most effective, humane, and relationship-building training method for teaching new skills and training behavior to help our dogs succeed in a human world. The techniques and methods that we employ in all of our classes and private lessons are consistent with the positions of The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior ( and are considered industry standards by professional organizations such as the Pet Professional Guild, the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, and others. As part of this positive training philosophy, we promote training tools that allow our dogs to learn without harm or pain, based on current industry standards founded on scientific research. To this end, we do not allow the use of choke chain, prong, or electronic collars in our group training classes. If you have previously used or currently use one of the tools listed above, we would love to help you find an alternative tool suitable for your dog’s training needs; please ask one of our trainers at class what they would recommend for you and your dog – we’re here to help! For private lessons, you may bring your dog to your first lesson on the equipment you feel most comfortable using, and we will discuss equipment to suit you & your dog's specific needs and goals at your lesson.
  • Operating Policies
    Here are our policies pertaining to your participation in our group classes, privates or events. Class must be paid in full at the time of registration. No refunds will be given for requests received within the 7 business days before class starts or after the session has begun. If your dog is sick, please do not bring them to class. If you have a question about what is allowed in class, please contact the instructor. You are encouraged to come to class without your dog to see what is covered that day. Children are welcome, however they must stay with their guardian at all times and not interact with other dogs. The instructor reserves the right to remove dogs without refund, who show aggression towards people or other dogs. Dogs must enter class on leash and stay on leash unless other wise stated by the instructor. No dog-dog greetings at ANY point: in the parking lot, in the doorway, in the facility. This can create leash frustration/barrier frustration with dogs or cause dogs to learn to pull their owners toward others to “greet.” Please come prepared with required class materials. All dogs MUST be pottied before entering class and during designated potty breaks. If you are going to be late text or email your instructor so that they can prepare class for your arrival. We do NOT offer make-ups for missed classes. You will have access to any homework through the online portal. We are a positive training facility and as such do not use aversive techniques or tools. We strictly prohibit: punching, choking, hitting, pinching, yelling or slapping any dog.
  • Weather Conditions
    Indoor Classes are held rain or shine, provided that road conditions are expected to be safe for the majority of students attending class. If the road or other conditions are unsafe, we will host class ONLINE via Google Meet at the regular class time. You’ll get to stay safe at home and still learn and get support from your Beyond Elevation instructor. Some classes may not be appropriate for meeting virtually - in these cases, at our discretion, we will cancel class and have class be pushed to the next week. If an inclement weather event causes your class instructor to feel the need to move class online or cancel class for students' safety, you will be notified VIA EMAIL no later than 1 hour prior to the start of class. Outdoor Classes are held as long as the conditions are conducive to the safety and productive learning of both dog and human students. Your instructor may cancel class for rain, extreme temperatures (cold or hot), unsafe road conditions, muddy outdoor terrain, snow, and other weather-related reasons. If an inclement weather event causes your class instructor to feel the need to cancel class for students' safety, we will do our best to notify you VIA EMAIL no later than 1 hour prior to the start of class. Make-Ups for Weather Cancellations: We make every effort to reschedule a class canceled for weather at a time that is most convenient for the majority of students in the class. We cannot guarantee that a reschedule will work for everyone, but we bend over backwards to make it happen if we can! I have read and understand all Beyond Elevation Training policies (as stated in this enrollment form) and understand that violation of any or all policies can result in my dismissal (without refund) from class (at the discretion of class instructor).
  • Accident and Liability
    By checking the box "Yes, I Agree" on your class registration, I accept and assume all risks associated with my participation, participation of attending family members & guests, and my dog’s participation in any Beyond Elevation programs, including group training classes, private lessons, and training held at other training locations. These risks include, but are not limited to, the risks of any and all injuries to myself, my dog, and any of my family members or third parties who may attend; the risks my dog may cause injury to other persons and/or dogs involved in Beyond Elevation programs. I hereby waive, release, discharge and agree not to sue, defend and hold harmless Beyond Elevation and Beyond Elevation instructors & class assistants from any and all injuries, losses, and damages arising from my participation in training programs offered by Beyond Elevation. Beyond Elevation makes no representations, guarantees, or promises, implied or expressed, that any training received from Beyond Elevation will cure a dog of any dangerous propensities. It is fully understood that regardless of the training received by the animal, a dog always possesses the propensity to bite. I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless Beyond Elevation and its owners and agents from any and all claims, or claims by any member of my family or any other person while on the grounds of any facility where training takes place, the surrounding area thereto, or on my own property or in a public area as a result of any action by any dog, including my own.
  • Media Release
    By checking "Yes, I Agree", I grant Beyond Elevation permission to use, for promotional purposes, photographs and videos taken during my scheduled private lessons, group classes and workshops for social media sharing and marketing of our services.
  • Cancellation Policy
    If you must cancel or reschedule your group class enrollment, please give us a minimum of 7 days notice prior to the start date of your class so that we can offer your spot to other clients who are waiting to schedule with us. There is no charge for reschedules made more than 7 days in advance. For cancellations made more than 7 days in advance, refunds will be issued minus a 4% processing fee. There are no refunds (or class credit) given for cancellations made within 7 days of the start of your class UNLESS there is a waiting list for the class and we are able to fill your spot with another student. There are no refunds (or class credit) given for cancellations made after the class has started. If, after the class has started, the instructor feels that a different service would be more suitable to what you and your dogs needs, the prorated balance of your tuition may be applied to the tuition of that different service. Tuition transfers are granted at the instructor's discretion only. Personal decisions not to continue to attend a class will not be awarded a credit for another service. There are no refunds for portions of group classes that are missed due to personal scheduling conflicts or not attended for other reasons. Female dogs in heat: No refunds can be given for dogs that come into heat within the 7 days prior to the start of class or after the class has already started. If your dog is in heat, she may still attend class, provided that she wears a doggie diaper while she is on the premises. Please email your instructor to give them a heads-up so that they can best set the rest of the class up for success.
  • Can I observe a dog training class?
    At this time we are not allowing spectators to come to a class, as we want to make sure that all our dog and human students are comfortable in their learning environment. We have lots of amazing content to check out on our social media pages and are always adding more! If you have any specific questions please ask away!
  • What if I can not make it to one of the classes?
    If you are unable to attend one of the weeks during your class, please notify your instructor that you will be absent. You will also have access to our online homework portal so that you do not miss out on any information from class and can easily work on the skills learned that week right from your living room. We do not offer make up classes at this time, please message your trainer if you are needing to discuss this policy.
  • What is a ‘clicker’ and do I have to use it during training?
    A clicker is a tool used to tell your dog ‘yes, that was what I wanted’. It can be an amazing way of marking the precise behavior you want at the exact moment it happens and eliminate those pesky human emotions behind many other marker systems we use. Remember, that the click always equals a reward and indicates it to the dog what they are getting it for. You do not have to use a clicker if you do not want to, you can use the word ‘yes’ instead of a clicker.
  • Can we bring the whole family to a private training session or a group class?
    Control Unleashed classes we try to keep to a max of 2 people per dog to help dogs who are working through environmental sensitivities can have the most success. For other group classes your whole family is welcome to join. Just keep in mind that other students are working and that we will want to keep distractions to a minimum. This may change from time to time due to other effecting circumstances or specific types of classes/space available. Please email if you're unsure.
  • Class Prerequisites
    Please verify that you and your dog meet these prerequisite requirements for the Class Level in which you are enrolling: - Your dog has been living with you for a minimum of 14 days. This gives you and your dog a chance to get to know each other a little bit so that you will be most successful at the start of your training journey! - Your dog is up-to-date on veterinary-recommended vaccinations or titers. - Your dog has no known history of bites directed towards other dogs or humans. If your dog has a bite history, we recommend you get started first with a private lesson consult. - Your dog can see other dogs in close proximity and does not respond with barking/lunging/growling behavior routine. Some excitement and enthusiasm when our dogs encounter other dogs is normal and something we will work on in our Level 1 classes. However, if your dog routinely barks/lunges/growls at other dogs, whenever you encounter them, and this behavior sequence cannot be easily interrupted and redirected, we recommend you start out in our Control Unleashed or Private Lessons.
  • Which training class is right for my dog?
    We have a wide range of learning opportunities for you to choose from and that can be daunting at times. You want to make sure that you are starting in the right class for you and your dog. We have group classes, private lessons and even online learning to provide all forms of learning for each team. You can sign up for a free phone consultation and discuss your goals with your trainer.
  • What do I need for a class or lesson?
    Here is a good list of items you should bring to your training classes of all types, though not everything is required to have a successful training session! A hungry dog Mat Crate (optional) High value treats! (Hotdogs, mozzarella cheese or soft training treats chopped up to pea size) Treat pouch Toys Standard leash. (no chains or flexi lead) Standard collar or body harness. (no choke, prong or e-collars) Water bowl Long lasting chew (bully, tremenda, stuffed kong) A bag to put it all in
  • How to Create a Member Profile or Log In?
    There are two ways you can create a Members Profile: Select the Log In button in the website menu at the top, select Sign Up in the next window to create your account and make your password. After your instructor adds you to an online program, group or member account you will receive an email prompting you to create a password. After you have created a password for your Member Profile, you can sign into your Member Profile by selecting the Log In button in the top right corner of the website menu. From your profile page you can access all of your bookings, online programs and more!
  • How do I join and access my online classroom or homework?
    There are a couple ways to join your online classroom: Your instructor will add you manually to the online program and you will receive an email to your classroom. On the website menu select group classes and select online portal/homework portal from the menu. Scroll down to find your classroom and select Join! to request access to the classroom. After you have been added to the online classroom there are a few ways you can access your online classroom later: After you log into your account, from the drop down menu of your member tab you can select Online Programs. From the Group Class tab in the website menu you can select Online Programs or Homework Portal, then scroll down until you find your classroom. Save the email from your classroom registration in your email.
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