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about us

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

At Beyond Elevation Dog Sports and Training, we love all dogs and their humans! Through passion, kindness and understanding we strive to provide the dog owners of Colorado a fun place to train with their dogs and be apart of a community that cares.


Beyond Elevation our students are the heart of our organization. Helping build strong relationships and connection between a dog and their owner is our ultimate goal. 

Every team is different and we will work with each team to find the best way to motivate and strengthen the relationship, communication and training skills. 

Our Story

Mission Statement

Our mission to provide a safe and accepting place for all dog lovers to come and learn how to work with their dogs and play fun dog sports! Through a wide selection of training classes, private lessons and events we hope to help bring dog sports and the joy of dog training to all parts of our dog loving community in Colorado!

Our Vision

We dream of having a large indoor dog training facility that can facilitate all aspects of our dog training world! Allowing teams and individuals from all over to enjoy training and competition with other dog enthusiasts.

Our Values

Communication is Key!

We are committed to ensuring that every client feels understood, respected and listened by allowing our clients to communicate openly with us. We will take everything to heart and find ways to modify any policies or procedures that will increase our ability to communicate and listen.​

Diversity and Inclusion are Crucial!

We will always be respectful and inclusive of diverse identities by honoring and respecting our individual clients. We will not discriminate against any person based on gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, or disability. We will refer to all of our clients by their indicated names and pronouns. We will be respectful of accommodations anyone may need to feel comfortable in our space as we believe that dog training should be accessible to everyone, of any ability.


Open Learning Environment!

Our learning environment will be accessible to everyone by making sure our space is ADA compliant and accessible to all. We will work hard to provide multiple forms of learning for the material presented in class​. We want everyone to feel safe in our space​ and we will take necessary action to prevent hateful or disrespectful speech in our classes. ​

Strong Community!

We will support our community and the people who live here by providing exposure to dog training and sports, as well as providing opportunities to get involved. We will work with various community partners to accomplish a number of goals, including, fundraising for local charities, community events, and providing scholarships for training opportunities. 

Our Training Philosophy

We truly believe that dog training is about strengthening your relationship with your dog through trust, mutual respect and communication. We enjoy dog training because it connects us with our dogs through a deeper friendship. The flagstone of Beyond Elevation is to continually assess, enrich and build upon this amazing relationship with our dogs through mutually enjoyed activities.

We base our training on evidence-based science and what each dog is telling us through open communication. Our goal is for our methods to work on the widest range of dogs possible. We try to use the "first, do not harm" commitment to work along side our dogs instead of against them by prioritizing positive emotional states for both the dog and human. We believe that communication is the cornerstone of all learning and we strive to be the most effective communicators with our clients while we also teach our clients how to communicate with each other.​


We guide our training by the LIMA model, which stands for Least Invasive, Minimally Aversive. This model refers to the Humane Hierarchy, proposed by Susan G. Friedman.

“The commitment to using the most positive, least intrusive, effective interventions allows us to think before we act, so that we make choices about the means by which we accomplish our behavior goals. In this way, we can be both effective and humane. This is the minimum standard of care we should stretch to meet on behalf of the welfare of learners and caregivers alike.”

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Assorted Sport photos (39).png

Victoria Kander // KPA-CTP, CTDI, CNWI, CCUI, AKC-Evaluator

Victoria has been training dogs since she was a girl, she loved teaching her childhood dogs new things! She was always that kid that would bring home the animal that she found out on her adventures from tadpoles to puppies. She spent 4 years in Europe where she experienced a lot of dog sports, especially agility. That sparked the light that was already there. Her passion for dog behavior and training continued to grow as she watched numerous handlers run and train with their dogs. She continues to learn more and expand her knowledge on how dogs learn and find ways to make training fun and easy. She stays up to date by participating in seminars, workshops, books and attending classes with her dogs.

She decided to pursue this love for dogs and the fascination with the animal and human bond. As she grew in her experience and love for dog training, she was drawn in more and more into the sport world. She believes that good communication and understanding is the key to good dog training. If we are unable to communicate with our dogs and vise versa, how can we do our best? Building a relationship to create the best team possible on and off the field. She feels dog training should be fun for the dog and owner no matter what their ends goals are.

She is a Certified Training Partner with Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP), A Certified Trick Dog Instructor (CTDI) with Do More With Your Dog, an AKC Evaluator (AKCE) and an Certified Nose Work Instructor (CNWI) for the National Association for Canine Scent Work. She is also currently working toward her Control Unleashed Instructor certification. ​ She teaches swimming and dock diving at Four Paws Pet Hotel and Resort in Fort Collins, CO. 

Certifications and Continuing Education

Karen Pryor Academy 2017

Certified Pet First Aid and CPR

American Kennel Club Evaluator 

Certified Trick Dog Instructor Course

C Spot Win Agility Camp 2017

Colorado Disc Dog Seminars

Karen Pryor Dog Sport Essentials Certificate

Karen Pryor Puppy Start Right Instructor

Nose Work Camp 2018, 2019, 2022

Nose Work Certification Course 2018

K9 Nose Work Shelter Program 2019

Stacy Goudy Agility Seminars

Susan Garret Agility Nation 


Lydia Goggin // CVT, CCAS

Lydia (CVT, CCAS) has been an animal lover her whole life. She has been a certified veterinary technician since 2007 and has been active in the dog sports world since 2010. She competes primarily in flyball, but also dabbles in dock diving, disc, and agility. She has a special interest in canine fitness/conditioning and nutrition and supporting both pet and sport dogs' health through diet and exercise.


While she didn't grow up in the "dog world", she was raised to respect and listen to the animals around her. She has always been interested in enriching her dogs' lives and even as a kid was making up sports for her dogs to do and liked to take the family dogs on adventures. She was thrown into the world of sports when she adopted her first dog as an adult. That dog turned out to be more dog than she was prepared for and led Lydia to finding flyball, agility, disc, and more. Lydia now has certifications in canine fitness training and enjoys training new dogs and their people in flyball.

Meet the K9 Team

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